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Tuesday January 30th Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |


You're trapped between two worlds: the one that offers stability, and the one that pushes you to act crazy when you're single. We don't always see our path clearly, although the best choice is to stay in our tracks trying not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Friends and family have seen you clouded by confusion and will try to help you around, as long as you let them. You feel bad because you don't want to offer a sad and sorry image of yourself; however, it will be your best bet to avoid falling into darkness. You should accept that party or event invitation to open yourself once and for all.


Tuesday will be a complicated day at the office. Things aren't going the way you expect and you feel like everything's spiralling out of control. Stay away from confusing vibes from the universe, and start your tasks without thinking about what's coming next. At the end of the day, you'll realize it wasn't that big a deal.

You've got something hanging on, some expense you need to pay, but which you're not willing to get rid of. Your insurance may not cover it up, and you'll have to negotiate with the other party, to see if their insurance can make up for public liability. No matter how many claims you state, the process itself will be more expensive than the payment.


You've been sleeping much better lately, but when you wake up you feel like you need your good serving of café au lait to avoid losing your mind. Try and have a healthy breakfast with homemade juice and fresh fruit. That's the best way to start off your day!

Even though you were on a nice roll, you won't feel too excited about going to the gym. Don't punish yourself for it and let some days go by. Instead of losing the habit of exercising, you'll come back more ready than ever.