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The Wednesday January 24th Aquarius Stars Prediction

Your full star prediction on health, money and love

 Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



This Wednesday you'll ditch your previous cold distant façade and open out into the world like never before. There's something bothering you that you need to share with the world, no matter how embarrassed you may feel. After letting it go, you'll feel so much better and you'll come back to your old self.

About the relationship issues you were going through, it seems like things are back to normal and you're enjoying a well-deserved bond which is stronger than ever. Laughing together is the best couples' therapy, so enjoy the present.


On Tuesday we warned you a financial storm was coming, and it doesn't seem to go away for now. You'll suffer the consequences of a sudden big expense or some complications at work, although it only seems temporary. In these times of hardship, that's when you can grow up and become stronger.

Someone else around you is not doing too well budget-wise. The thing is, you'll have to decide if you help them around with your own savings or not. You should think that good deeds bring good things back around. Stars can align along our inner karma and peace.


There's vital parts of your body suffering the consequences of restlessness and stress. Your stomach seems to be one of the most affected. Lately you haven't been able to digest anything properly and you've noticed you've gone to the toilet at times you normally don't. Try to eat more fibrous foods in these tense moments, because they will help with your circulation.

Eat only when you're hungry and in small portions. Avoid large portions of side sauce and try having digestive herbal teas. Whenever you can, sleep 6 to 8 hours to keep your body well-rested.