Aquarius daily horoscope
Aquarius daily horoscope |


You haven't really thought about whether what you're experiencing is a long-lasting partnership or a quick romance, but either way you both enjoy each other's company, and not just in those moments of passion. Don't worry about what's coming up and enjoy the here and now. A lack of commitment brings about stability as well, even if it sounds contradictory.

In other news, if you're an Aquarius experiencing couple life, that instability itself will give you times of conflict, influenced by a negative ascendency. You're tired of some of your partner's little things and it's time to give yourselves some time and room for reflection.


While Tuesday was a reckless day, Wednesday will bring a much better situation around. However, there's a pending issue with someone who went too far at work, with words that have become engraved into your mind. Ask them straight out about it and you'll find they did it with no mean end in mind.

On the other hand, you're forgetting about your savings' plan and your expense limit is something you have yet to master. It might be best for you to ask someone to keep your wallet and credit cards under lock and key for the foreseeable future.


Since you started having healthy breakfasts and brought more fruit into your diet, you feel more lively in the morning. That means that you can get up earlier on your days off and go running or do any sport you like, such as fishing or skateboarding. You'll seize the day and take advantage of every minute.

In other news, you feel like getting back into action and that's something to be thankful for. Take advantage of this benefitial sync and go back to the gym; although the coaches will be surprised to see you again and that will make you a bit embarrassed. You'll find there's very interesting new activities to try. Go get them!