Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - AQUARIUS | Magic Horoscope


Love: a Hollywood romance!

Here comes a month full of mysteries for you. In February, birthdays keep coming. As native Aquarians, even if you don't become a year wiser, good luck's on your side!

Some relationships will be gone from your life, but only because you chose them to. You can't bear any more fakery from the people who give you a smile to the face, but then they talk behind your back.

Planetary vibrations also point out that by making sure you know what you want (and don't want) in life, if you're in a relationship, there's more trust between you, and it's quite feasible that you'll have a shared path with more commitment and nourishment for both of you.

Single Aquarians, you can expect the best from your friends. You could meet your latest romance thanks to them!

  • How are you as native Aquarian ladies and gents in love?

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Money: constant mental work

Your month doesn't have too much of a productive start. Since your head is a boiling pot of ideas, you spend more time thinking and overthinking ideas than actually making them happen. Remember that you're in the right track, as long as you try to make ideas a reality at some point.

The keys to make the most of your month are to trust yourselves, to avoid getting distracted with what you don't need, and most importantly, to be responsible for your actions!

Around the end of the month, your well-thought ideas will be like a ticking bomb. There will be no turning back once you jump into what you wanted to do. Your life will improve both financially and professionally.

Health: Have some fun with new activities

A good dose of vitality will allow you to experience new therapies and alternative activities. Doing new things and embracing activities you didn't know about keeps you motivated and alive! Don't forget to break ties with routine more often.

You'll have to be more patient with yourselves as far as your body's settings are concerned. Despite the fact that you feel internally young, years go by for all of us. However, the best way to stay lively is to keep having a regular schedule of exercise.