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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for January

Your Horoscope for January 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - AQUARIUS | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Share love and enlarge your heart

January's here, and as native Aquarians, you'll let go with the most sensual of emotions. It's your month! (At least, for those of you born between the 21st and 31st).

The first week of January starts on quite an unstable note, as if your feelings depended on the opinions of other people instead of your own.

If you try to fight and look at all the negative parts of your relationship, these are the kind of vibrations you'll attract...

Fortunately, you'll be aware that outside flaws can be yours too, and you'll change your mindset. That's when love will come flowing freely into your life.

The advice of the Magic Horoscope is for you to grab the reins of your life and do what you really want. Do you want love? Then go for it, Aquarians. A more loving perspective on others around the end of the month will bring affection back into your relationship, and if you're single, a prospective romantic partner.

Money: Don't back down, not even for momentum

This is no time to slip off or go back to your old ways. After escaping the foul routines that stopped you from making progress, you'll feel tempted to go back. And you shouldn't do that, not even to gain momentum, Aquarians. The year's starting off, and you can't help taking a couple steps back.

But this will be the much-needed drive you have to use to progress. Don't take life as a still repetition where you live the same thing every day... That's poison for your Aquarian soul. Finish that negativity off, or your very own prophecy could become the truth.

The stars encourage you to keep your goal clear and stop redefining it every step of the way. Ask the universe for what you really want, and go get it.

Health: Overcoming bad habits

Watch out for addictions, because they're not just connected to drugs. You could also have an endless, out-of-proportion thirst for sugar. You have to constantly fight it to avoid falling back into it, Aquarians.

Get out the house and go for walks, and you'll keep your mind healthy and focused on your goals. You should congratulate yourselves and get a treat whenever you do things right. Defeat is always lurking around the corner, so promote transformation and change your current vibrations.

Also, watch out for throat illnesses related to temperature changes. Stay protected.

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