Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - AQUARIUS | Magic Horoscope



Love: You are feeling very sensitive

This month will be marked by feelings and emotions but in a good way. You’ll enjoy many intimate moments as a couple and you’ll also make your emotional bond stronger.

Pay special attention to the looking after your love life and make the most of the good moment you’re going through. It’s now that everything is going well when you have to take care of the relationship, use creativity to infuse passion into your love life.

Singles are in luck. They won’t lack opportunities to find like-minded people. They just have to be able to choose and not get carried away by appearances. If you listen to your heart and also use everything you have learnt so far, you won’t fail.


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Money: Invest in innovative projects

You won’t have financial problems during te month of May, because you’re on a roll with luck in every aspect of your life. Keep managing your finances logically and invest in innovative projects for the future.

Regarding your career, your good work has given you a good position. However, there will be promotions that you shouldn’t disregard. Your effort is paying off, don’t say no to new responsibilities.

Remember that abundance is also the way you see things. If you feel abundant, there’s a better chance of attracting abundance to your life than if you feel lacking. Watch your thoughts Aquarius.

Health: Be responsible for your own health

Although you’re in good health and this month you’ll continue to feel full of energy and in a good mood, don’t forget that your health is your responsibility. Everything you do today to take care of yourself is sowing the fruit that you’ll gather tomorrow.

At a physical level, try to stretch your body and make the most of the good weather to walk and get in touch with nature. Your body asks for movement, so don’t deny it, it’s time for physical activity.

As for your emotional side, a little discipline and silence will come in handy to clarify your feelings and with that, your life goals. Caring for your emotions is as important as caring for your physical body.