Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - AQUARIUS
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - AQUARIUS | Magic Horoscope


Love: Transformation will be the key

This October, the prediction for Aquarius natives regarding love brings transformation. This transformation will occur mainly internally. This month, get ready to be reborn like a phoenix Aquarius, with more strength and more knowledge of yourself.

In this sense, the natives of the sign who’re able to experience this process of internal change in harmony will be able to bring that same harmony to their relationships. Those who’re in a relationship can experience very romantic and passionate moments.

Single Aquarius will experience a month where the priority will be self-improvement. To find love, you have to first find a way to yourself. Once there, you have to decide to leave all those behaviours that are taking you away from true love behind.

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Money: You’ll find money easily

The Magic Horoscope prediction for Aquarius for this month regarding money is quite favourable. On the one hand, you’ll start the month receiving help from financial experts who’ll help you better manage your income.

On the other hand, by the middle of the month, fortune will knock on your door because it will be very easy for you to find money wherever you go. You’re likely to be offered to participate in lucrative businesses or money might simply come to you from unsuspected people or places.

Finally Aquarius, you’ll have to take it easy regarding your career in October. Old conflicts with immediate superiors can resurface. You’re also likely to feel more irritable and can screw up at work.

Health: Small temporary inconvenience

When it comes to your health, the horoscope prediction for this month warns Aquarius to be prepared to fight possible colds and viral processes, which will affect them well into the month.

On the other hand, once these small physical discomforts are overcome, your body will respond perfectly Aquarius. It’s important that you don’t stop practising physical activity, especially if it’s in a group because being with others will be very beneficial.

Finally, Aquarius, your emotions this month will depend largely on your ability for self-analysis. It may be helpful to go to therapy to better understand your mental processes and transcend them.