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The Aquarius prediction for the month of July

Your Aquarius predictions for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Redacció


Love: Fight for your relationship

Aquarians in a steady relationship will have to fight for their love. There'll be external drawbacks to make things difficult. You love one another and will manage to do whatever it takes to keep love alive.

July will get even harder because a series of financial strains will inevitably affect your enjoyment of shared activities. It looks like your partner wants nothing but expensive dates.

But you can talk it over and sort it out. Sometimes you pretend like they can read your mind and that's not the case. They will help out. And if you're single, you'll attract people who are very generous to you.

As the zodiac opposite of Leo, once you're into that sign, you'll see lion-like features come alive in your loved one.

And if your partner's a Leo, get ready for living with a lion in its most feral state!

Money: Issues sorted out at the end of the month

July won't start off on a generous note for Aquarians. You'll have to squeeze it in a bit because you won't be able to go everywhere.

You love music and this time of year is full of concerts. Still, a foul positioning from Mercury will block your earnings.

But you won't stop fighting for what you want, and by the end of the month there'll be winds of change. Leo's creativity influences you now that the sun roams free around their house. There'll be many inspiring creative individuals.

This will also be a time when unemployed Aquarians will have the highest chances of finding a job, as long as they present themselves creatively.

Health: Express yourselves through art

Hunger will be your worst nemesis, especially because it'll be the emotional type. You'll feel like you're ready to rummage the fridge when you experience stress, Aquarians. You'll avoid this by being aware of what you do.

In this time of year, there'll be lots of partying and fun but also excess. You won't make the best decisions about your health and your liveliness will gradually be more and more affected.

Meditating and venting out through art will be your main resource by the end of the month. Besides, you'll have the chance of entering themed workshops where you'll mee truly special individuals.

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