Magic Horoscope: The Aquarius Prediction for the month of May

Your Aquarius predictions for May 2018
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Live your shyness fearlessly

Aquarians, Saturn's influence will bring out your moodiest side. Throughout this month you'll experience social situations you thought you'd overcome.

It's not about "correcting" your personality or making you change! Shy people are just as respectable as anyone else, but you can adjust that influence if you feel you're missing out on life too much.

Only you can judge yourself, Aquarians. You know what's happened in your life. Other people's judgment isn't important, because they don't know the full extent of things.

Thanks to your friends, the people who know you for real, you'll fight back Saturn's influence. They're your biggest support and strength. It's time to thank them for everything they do!

Money: Big spending ahead

The month doesn't start on a good note. Your progress seems to be ignored. But watch out! If you continue doing what you do, you'll soon leave everyone with their mouths open.

As May progresses, you'll get professional offers and chances. Your quick reactions to new situations will make you get advantages. You were actually expecting this to happen!

Still, the month will end on a sticky situation: you'll be asked for a great sum of money. It'll be a loan for a friend or a crucial investment on your goals. You won't have much extra money after that, but stars signal that the sacrifice will be worth it.

Health: A month to have fun working out

Old issues with food will come back. This is a long-time struggle for you. Aquarians, you were born under a chaotic sign, and this is reflected on your messy schedule or poor nutritional choices.

You'll try to deny it, but you need some help. Halfway through the month, you'll have a fortunate encounter with people and situations that will make it easier for you to change the way you eat.

Thanks to Saturn's influence, you'll be disciplined enough to fulfill the goal proposals from your helpers, and little by little you'll turn that attitude into a lifestyle.

You'll think of original ways to stay in shape. To sum up, May will be the start of a path to lead you to rule and control your impulses. You'll have to work extra hard, Aquarians.