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Aquarius February Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations for February
 Aquarius: Your February Stars Prediction  |



During the first couple of week, you and your partner will feel slightly bored about each other. Halfway through, your efforts will begin to give some good results. But watch out! There's a workmate who will try to meddle into your relationship and break you up. That person could be flirting with one of the two. We advise you to be more considerate to your partner and visit them at work.

It's good for you to be seen around, and you won't need to pressure your partner to set borders on your 'lands'. If you're single, February is one of your best months to meet someone special. Don't desperately go looking for a partner and you'll find someone you get along with to share your hobbies. Don't be too needy, though! You could be ruled out as a possible partner.


Regarding money and finances, you'll start your month excitedly, but from the second week onwards, there'll be someone slightly troublesome who will try to take that excitement away. Don't let yourself be dragged into negativity by those bad vibes others will try to set on you.

At work, you'll have to make things clear to avoid having misunderstandings, but you won't have any trouble in conveying what you really mean. If you're unemployed, don't worry about it, but don't stop looking. There's signs pointing at a new job pretty soon.


Health will be good. You'll feel strong and in balance, ready to do some sport and get into shape. You love doing sport and it won't be hard at all for you to start your path towards a better health. Your eating habits are always healthy, but if you'd gained some extra weight on Christmas and you still hadn't lost it, now you'll take it more seriously.

Be careful with stress, because it could affect your heart; stay as relaxed as you can and don't do more than you can.