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The Annual Horoscope for Aquarius for 2018

The prediction for Aquarius for 2018
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For those born between 21 January and 19 February, 2018 is going to be very hectic. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, will have to face important changes in the social and family aspects, that won't be very positives, while in the professional and economic field they will have a lot of opportunities to achieve success.


There could be small conflicts or inconveniences that will affect the sentimental state of Aquarius people who share their life with another person. In every relationship, there are periods of ups and downs, but if the relationship is good, they survive any obstacle and they even come out reinforced by it. On the other hand, this event may reveal a basic problem that didn't augur a prosperous future for the relationship.

For single Aquarius, love will come into their lives in a different way. They will experiment sentimental relationships from a perspective in which complicity will be a fundamental ingredient to bet on having something else with someone and they will feel attracted by those that have all those qualities that they don't have. 

In the sexual aspect, you will feel more active and independent and you will go for occasional relationships during most part of the year, getting to live an event at the end of the year that will make you change your way of thinking. So, you are in a transition and changing your mentality period that it will make you feel the need of rediscovering yourself. 


After a period of stability and normality, Aquarius will have to be ready to face an event that will break with the established situation in the worst way possible.

A circumstance that they will seek to overcome and confront by relying on their loved ones, both friends and family, but with the inconvenience that they may discover that some of them won't be entirely willing to help them.

They will have no choice but to take the lead and look for ways to foster a kind of team spirit among the members of the family, to who they will be more united than ever.

The family will begin to take on greater importance in the second period of the year and this new situation will remain stable over time thereafter.


Fortunately, not everything that forms and surrounds Aquarius life this 2018 will be negative. Their economy will stay stable and upwards after a few months, possibly because of an inheritance, a prize or a salary increase.

In addition, it will have the support of a very important person to make that great investment that they have been longing for, such as a new house or car. Except in specific moments, there aren't expected too many adjustments in the family economy due to lack of necessary resources.


You will acquire more experience at your workplace and that will result in a change of attitude: you will feel more comfortable with your job and you will manage with greater ease, security, and speed.

Thanks to this, you will have many chances of deserving a promotion or a salary increase. As for the sectors in which Aquarius can be resolved more prosperous in 2018, an interesting aspect to consider for those who are looking for a job, studying or thinking about investing, we can highlight the energy and transport industries, both maritime and land, in addition to the security sector.


Most of the planets are going to have a very positive line-up for the health aspect. Unlike some relatives and people close to you, you will enjoy robust health.

In the months from January to May, you may have, however, some problem related to your teeth. Delaying the visit to the dentist for so long hasn't been a good idea and whether you have noticed discomfort or not, it will be necessary to undergo a small intervention.

On the other hand, you should also monitor the health of your stomach, which may be more vulnerable to the intake of certain foods. Maybe some foods that used to be good for you now start to be more difficult to digest.