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This week Aquarius will notice that the time has come to make important decisions regarding their love life. However, they’ll receive inspiration through conversations or texts that they find randomly in books and that’ll give them the key that points them towards the way forward.

For those who have a relationship, their partner understands and tolerates the mood changes of Aquarius during this week. This’ll make it easier to enjoy moments of harmony within the family.

Thanks to the support of those around you and your personal charm that shines with unusual strength, this week you’ll be able to conquer whoever you propose. Take the opportunity to propose a romantic getaway and feed the flame of passion.


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Money flows this week in your life in a balanced way, so don’t worry about treating yourself to something nice. While things don’t seem to go the way you expected, life has paths that you don’t understand, trust the process.

At a professional and work level, you’ll have the opportunity to lead projects where your creativity will be appreciated in a very positive way. If you don’t have a job, confidence in your own skills will result in a very good impression at interviews.

It’s time to plan future projects and materialise those ideas you’ve had for a long time. Although it’ll be long-term, it’s not a bad idea to start working towards new professional challenges.


Your health will be generally good throughout this first week in April.


 Of course, it would be convenient to give your body what it asks of you. If you crave food of a particular colour, go to the market and get what you feel like.


Each colour is related to a number of specific vitamins and nutrients. Your body knows what it needs, so if you start eating those that you feel most attracted to this week, you’ll get a more than a balanced diet.

Remember that your physical body needs your emotional part to feel complete. Asking for help when you feel that your emotions are lost will be a very wise decision. Don’t be afraid to keep moving forward and getting to know yourself; your health depends on it.