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Your Monday begins by dragging around some of the tension from the weekend. Why the long face? Why are you the ones always left to cheer others up? You're getting a little tired of always sharing your cheerfulness, because you barely get any of it back.

The rest of the week won't be much better, Aquarians. You're ready to stay away from emotional vampires, who are actually most of the people you already know! There's very little people with your independence and healthy affection.

Fortunately, around the end of the week you'll give up on your desire to change the world and you'll devote time to be the real you: someone attractive, magnetic, with a great moral background... This will definitely be a heart-melting feature for you.

You might attract people, but... welcoming just anyone with open arms? Never!


This week you'll keep earning money and slowly following the upward trend towards your dream goal. It's way easy to stop halfway to watch the clouds float by and the beautiful landscape... but it'll be good too!

Far from the rest of zodiac signs, you enjoy what life gives you every single day.

Tuesday will be a day open to improv and innovation, and whatever events take place around you are connected to your most Uranian side. Let your creative spirit soar and show them you were born to be different.

You're a living, breathing paradox, the human expression of the fact that the road to success, according to your mindset, should be splattered with plenty of mental freedom. Congratulations, you seem to have found the best formula.


Your genetics might be great, and you might be able to keep up a good physical shape without even trying, but the action from last weekend will make you set one single goal into your mindset: improving your physical state!

There's no point in looking good if your body isn't letting you do what you want at the intensity that you want. Throughout the week, bit by bit, you'll keep adding miles to your counter.

However, make sure your extra weight doesn't get physical. You load yourselves on too much information and you'll definitely feel that by Wednesday. Finish off your training with some meditation.