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The week of March 11 to 18 will be marked by your instincts. Something inside you leads you to reflect on the most appropriate way to deal with your relationships. It’s not good to keep things to yourself, you’ll end up exploding and regretting it.

We’d like to remind you that expressing what worries you is the best thing you can do in this situation, especially when it comes to feelings. Don’t hide your fears and doubts and share what’s going on with you with that person you trust.

At the same time, you have to learn not only to listen to your feelings but also the feelings of others. We’re all fighting our own battle, so don’tforget to be there for those who need you.

However, don’t worry, on the 16th you’ll have the chance of relaxing and changing your vibe. It’s always darkest before dawn.


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Regarding finances, things will start to happen, since money will come to you easily. New opportunities you can make the most of to improve your finances will pop up and give you unexpected surprises.

Keep in mind, though, even if the flow of abundance seems to flood your life, you can’t start spending like crazy. Keeping a cool head for business and investment is always healthy and will avoid you getting disappointed.

In general, this week will be very positive in terms of money, you just have to stay firm and balance income and expenses.



You know your body can handle almost everything, but it doesn’t hurt to rest between one activity and another. Don’t push yourself to do things that will take their toll throughout the week and, above all, watch your sleep.

The good thing about this week is that you already know what you have to do to feel good. You’ve learnt to listen and take care of yourself, something that’ll undoubtedly help you to have all the energy you need at any given moment.

Watch your stress levels, because they can bring you lows if you don’t detect them in time. But don’t worry, whatever happens, you’ll be able to recover and get everything back to normal.