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This new week brings new experiences regarding your love lifeAquarius. While you’ll continue to enjoy a quiet period in matters related to the heart, your own fears and doubts can spoil this peace, but without putting your relationship in danger.

Avoid arguments by trying to analyse yourself and giving each other your own space in the family environment will be the key to keep building the relationship you want. If you remember that love isn’t an abstract concept and that it very much depends on you, everything will be fine.

Singles will receive some rejection, but it isn’t something that should worry them, because something better is just around the corner. It would be good to be clear about your intentions and desires before embarking on a love affair.


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You won’t find any problems in your affairs this second week of May, but there will be significant developments. Your relationship with money will change for the better because you’ll understand that you deserve all the abundance that the Universe can give you.

At a professional level, you’ll discover that there are new ways of carrying out your projects, that your dreams can come true and that everything this is possible if you ignore what others can tell you. New ways of generating more income come to your life.

Focus on your career and financial goals, visualise them and go for them. That’ll be what you discover this week. This will be the beginning of a new and even more fruitful stage in your life.


Broadly speaking, your health will continue to be good, except for the occasional minor problem, such as allergies or digestive problems that will pass quickly. You have to pay attention not to eat too much and keep your body fit.

You’ll be in a good mood, which will allow you to explore and deepen your emotional well-being. You’ll discover the power of being present as a way to stay in touch with your physical body and your mind.

Remember Aquarius that you are a whole and that, if you pay attention to your negative thoughts to discard them, this will bring much comfort to your life. In addition, this well-being will translate into a better quality of your relationships.