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It's a bright, sparkly week for your love life, Aquarians. Your Monday starts off with a flirty vibe, and you'll be pretty thankful for having your partner around, but you'll want more than what you usually get.

Passion! Crazy date ideas! You need both of these to feel you're with someone special and that your life is different from everyone else's. As native Aquarians, you can't live without feeling different. You are indeed, but you need someone to think the way you do.

All this intensity on your end could make your partner feel tense. Are you that much ready for change? They could think you don't like anything of what you've done so far.

In order to avoid your partner from thinking so, you better try to introduce changes little by little.

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This Monday, all you'll think about is your finances, and ways to improve them. Way to go, Aquarians! Not settling down and looking for new perspectives is key to improve your life.

You'll get down to work, and from Friday onwards, you won't find a break. There's many tasks that require your attention, and more particularly, you'll have to focus your mind on new actions that you'll need to take care of if you want to bring out your ideas and desires.

There'll also be a chance to save up throughout the week, because you'll receive an unexpected sum of money, which you don't really need for your expenses. Then, the wisest choice is to put that money away, Aquarians!


Rather than being annoying, last-minute plans and schedule changes will cheer up your spirits and empower your wellness about life. You feel more alive than ever before! From the start of the week, changing up your routine will work wonders. That's great, Aquarians.

The only drawback is that your back pain might be a little more annoying than usual. Find yourselves a spot to go see your doctor and ask them to sort it out.

Aside from that, you'll be slightly concerned about relatives and people close to your heart getting ill. Trust their ability to reach healing point and stay close; it's the best you can do for them, because moping and complaining is good for nothing...