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This week Aquarius, you can experience very interesting moments in your romantic relationships. On the one hand, your relationship flows easily and harmoniously; on the other hand, those who have been in a relationship for some time will feel that things are getting cold.

Regarding your family and friendships, it’s very likely that Aquarius has left people with whom they were very close behind because they don’t connect with them anymore. They should learn that this is part of the natural evolution of relationships.

Singles will have many chances to experience romances and passing love stories. The time has not yet come for them to engage in a more serious relationship, because they’re more focused on their own personal needs.

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In financial matters, they have a natural talent for business, which will make them use these gifts to invest in the future this week. Financial benefits will also come from learning new professional skills.

In your career, as you are a very conscientious and persistent person, you’ll be able to achieve the goals you had set. It’s very likely that you’ll be offered positions of responsibility that require sacrifices in terms of time.

In general, it’s a good week for everything related to money and business, although this week will be different because Aquarius prefers to say no to great social achievements, in order to preserve their family and personal life.


It’s a favourable week to restore your health, so those who are in the process of healing or recovery will see how soon they’ll find themselves back to normal. They’ll soon be enjoying excellent physical fitness.

At an emotional level, you’ll be in good spirits in general, so it’s a good time to take care of your diet and to plan some daily routines of moderate physical activity. Reflexology, acupuncture or shiatsu therapies will help you relax and balance your body.

In general, it’s a good week for your physical and emotional health, as long as you don’t neglect your spiritual side and don’t become a prisoner of excesses, especially with alcohol or a poor diet.