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Aquarius Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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You'll come out of your tendency to be brash from these last few days. This week will be all about heart revolution.

On Tuesday, you'll be more aware of your romantic relationship, and you'll reach deeper communication levels. You might not be big fans of constant cuddling and hugging, but the mental side of your bond is extremely important to you, and one of the things that your partner appreciates the most, especially when it comes from another airy sign like you.

On Wednesday, you'll finally feel at peace with your feelings, happy and drunken in bliss with the close company of your loved ones.

There's no doubt that your best ally will be Mercury if you're single. You'll manage to call the attention of whoever you want, as impossible as it looks! That's the magic of unexpectedness with which this star will call upon your door.


Your money issues are about to get tighter, and your financial upward trend will be cut off by some unexpected expenses.

The sooner you come to terms with the fact that the cycle is over, and that you have to start changing things in your career and being more open to change, the better, Aquarians! New elements at work that you choose to ignore? Give them a chance.

Fortunately, this Thursday, Mercury will come to the rescue and give you part of that wit that's been locked up inside. A simple yet efficient idea will soothe your workload, as well as open up the doors to money once again.

Around the weekend and in prediction of the upcoming celebrations, you'll know how to perfectly invest your money. You'll have a nice, original dinner, and won't have to break the bank!


Last weekend's consequences will be obvious in your body. You'll open up your eyes but won't feel like rest has done much.

You'll take all that burden off of you as soon as Tuesday kicks in. But nevertheless, your oral health will be an uphill battle. Don't put it off any longer and ask for an appointment at the dentist's.

For the rest of your week, you'll be sunken deep into reflection and start considering an alternative lifestyle. Okay, you always love improv, Aquarians, but that's not how health works; plan your routines better, and especially, your diet.

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