This week, the prediction for love for Aquarius will be marked by impulses and haste. Planetary influences are making you feel restless and anxious about your love life. You have to control your emotions. You should step on the brakes so you don't make mistakes that you can later regret.

You could stop being so impulsive if you listen to good friends or family members with whom you connect well. A more objective perspective on things will help you get past this period.

The singles of the sign will meet new people and will be more open and communicative than usual. You’ll be invited to many events and you’ll feel very confident so you’ll be more likely to tempt love.

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Regarding your finances for this week, the stars predict that you should distrust certain movements in your finances. Take special precautions when paying things and above all, pay attention to possible fraud.

However, you won’t be in financial trouble because your spouse or partner will help you. Youll have enough financial support to get by without problems Aquarius. Learning to manage your money better will also be very important.

Regarding your career and work, you might find some obstacles, but if you keep going, you’ll make your way to new opportunities. A new project awaits and your creativity will be very important.


Your health this week will be very good, but some muscle problems could make you feel a little off for a few days. Your emotions will play a leading role in your ailments, so watch this aspect of your life.

On the other hand, by the middle of the week, you’ll feel very motivated to take care of how you look. This not only implies your image but also your body with treatments and exercises.

Finally, Aquarius, this week you should also devote some time to face your fears. It’s time to shine a light on everything you’ve been hiding and you haven’t dared to look straight in the eyes.