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This is the perfect time to let your partner take you somewhere far. This Monday, you'll feel yourselves flowing freely in all areas. You shouldn't be surprised if your partner proposes you to go even steadier than you already are. It's okay, you've been ready for it for a long time, Aquarians.

Before you go on with it, make sure you both bring the same level of energy. We don't mean to make you mistrust your partner, but if they want you to be more committed, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to make sure that the other person involved also does their share of the work.

On Wednesday you'll have an extraordinary day where it'll be necessary to leave aside some of your old misconceptions. When it comes to bed, you still have to do the job of accepting passion as it comes. Stop adding filters!

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This is a highly positive week for you if you're trying to find a new job. You could even change your career options completely! You'll see some stimulating chances and you'll do well if you stay open to new experiences.

Financially speaking, you might want to focus your attention on managing your current resources and goods better. Big investments need to happen later on.

These days you'll be asked for lots of favours and money loans. You're not a national bank, so as much as you want to help, you need to measure your contributions. Otherwise, you'll regret it sooner than later.


Doing sport benefits you more than any other signs but it takes way too much effort. But you're lucky. Monday starts off intense: you'll be proposed to join a sports team! This is always a great choice for Aquarians, so you definitely won't get bored.

Be very careful around Tuesday because you're running the risk of being seriously harmed if you go around without measuring or thinking about the consequences of your actions. Control your speed in car rides; there's risks of accidents incoming, Aquarians.

You can go for a ride outside your city to clear your mind. This chance will raise your mood, make it lighter, and it allows you to keep your immune system's barriers high. It's good to shake your routine off a little bit from time to time, and you know that very well!