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This week you’ll notice that your emotions tend towards aggressiveness and that’s something that won’t help you have good relationships, especially with your partner. Instead of getting into arguments about what you want, consider if you’re with the right person.

Don’t get carried away by disappointments, because they’re a result of your expectations projected on others. If you learn not to expect specific things about your partner’s behaviour, they’ll feel free to surprise you more naturally.

Towards the end of the week, circumstances will make you enjoy new experiences if you let life point you towards new directions. Make the most of your emotional side to let excitement back into your life.


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Learning from your mistakes every day is essential for growth and the development of new strategies. Remember that failure is just an opportunity to do better next time. Make the most of the opportunities presented to you to learn new things.

Use assertive language with your co-workers, they’ll respond positively to your suggestions if you know how to communicate what you really expect from them. Don’t try to impose your personal criteria, because everyone has their own way of doing things.

Your willingness to collaborate and help to make challenging projects happen will make people regard you in a positive light. This will bring you long-term benefits, so don’t close yourself to offers and promotions that improve your professional life.




Listen to the signals your body sends you Aquarius; too much activity can cause great difficulty to fall asleep. Don’t think that you can do everything, sometimes knowing when to stop on time is a very wise decision.

If you manage to balance rest and food routines, you’ll see that your physical discomforts improve. Those joint and bone pains won’t last forever, just have a little patience and don’t over-exert yourself.

Watch your stress levels, because they can bring you lows if you don’t detect them in time. But don’t worry, whatever happens, you’ll be able to recover and get everything back to normal.