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It’s a difficult week when it comes to love for Aquarius. Their radical nature and their tendency to irritability will bring more than one upset for much of this week. They have to fight against mistrust and use communication so they don’t make things worse.

Luckily, by the end of the week, they’ll find their strength and open their hearts with the help of their loved ones. This approach will make everything go back to normal and harmony will reign again in their relationship.

Singles shouldn’t expect big changes this week. Your moods aren’t the most suitable to connect with someone. On the other hand, if any sporadic relationship arises, it’s best to let it pass, because it will only bring chaos to your lives.


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If you want to increase your income, you’ll have to do something and stop worrying or complaining about what happened. While you’ve lost a regular source of income, this does not have to be the end if you look for solutions.

On the other hand, the changes you expect to see at work won’t come from the company you provide your services to. You should, therefore, look for the way to change things yourself.

You should also keep training and find out what you really want to do in life if you really want to turn your finances and your career around.


You feel well, your body is healthy, you should really take your diet into account, which is the hardest thing for you to do. Although you’ve managed to maintain a very healthy exercise routine, you still find it difficult to give up unhealthy foods.

As for your emotional life, you’ll feel some chaos, as you have a tendency to get carried away by negative ideas about the world in general and about your life in particular. You should find a discipline that helps you control their thoughts.

The advice of someone you trust and writing down all your frustrations will be the best way to find order in your chaotic emotional world. Patience and perseverance should be your slogans.