Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius. | Magic Horoscope

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The prediction for love for this week speaks of the need to define your personal space in relation to your partner, Aquarius. There's a tendency in you to invade your partner. This can bring you complications.

On the other hand, you'll have to work to develop your emotions, because in intimate encounters, sometimes you're cold and distant. The life lessons you have to learn are clearly calling you to transform this aspect this week.

Aquarius singles, meanwhile, will have a very busy week. You'll meet people who'll lead you to experience different and peculiar experiences. You have to be willing to forget about the established rules and let go if you want to enjoy these moments.

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As for your finances, Magic Horoscope warns you of the need to reorganise them, because there are certain money problems you've had for a long time and that don't let you open up to abundance. Forget about your thoughts of lack, as these hinder the entry of prosperity into your life.

Professionally, it'll be a week where teamwork will be the key to moving forward. You'll feel more relaxed and that will help you work more efficiently, Aquarius. It'll also be a week during which ambition will wake up.

In this sense, you shouldn't be too demanding if you want to achieve your goals. An excess of expectations could spoil your success. Celebrate every step you take and that will motivate you to achieve what you set your mind to.


It'll be a regular week regarding your health, although with certain ups and downs. Some mild ailments will improve, but some past health problems might reappear too. You should also be more disciplined with your eating habits if you want to improve your health.

As for your emotions, Aquarius, this week you'll tend to abuse sarcasm and irony, which could complicate your relationships. Try to have a more positive view of life.

Finally, you should change your focus and be more aware of what happens in your inner world than on the planet if you want to evolve.