Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 September

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You have a very intense week ahead regarding your love life, Aquarius. The first days of this week, you should prepare for a major change regarding your love life. Both single and committed natives will face significant challenges.

The weekly prediction for Aquarius for those who are in a relationship brings news that will make many completely change the way they experience their relationship. New ways of doing things, of perceiving the romantic bond and their situation are coming.

Aquarius singles, in turn, should live in the real world and stop fantasising about ideal love if they really want to find a person with whom to start a relationship. This week will be definitive in terms of the way you see love.

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As for the finances of Aquarius, this first week of September, they'll have some problems, in fact, they are likely to need help to solve a delicate situation regarding money.

Professionally, the prediction of the horoscope for this week warns of the need to give in and change your attitude if you really want to see a positive change in your workplace, otherwise, nothing will change.

In general, the prediction of the stars for this week advises Aquarius to be patient and measure their actions and their words, both regarding their finances and in their workplace. It's not a good time to impose your own criteria.


Aquarius' health, on the other hand, will be good throughout the week. Those who have been suffering from any illness or discomfort will notice a great recovery, and those who already felt well will see their energy increased.

On an emotional level, the first days of this week will be somewhat difficult, as it'll be hard for them to focus and relax. You're too scattered Aquarius, it would be good if you learnt to keep your mind in the present moment.

On the other hand, if you manage to plan an adequate eating plan and focus on what really matters in your life, you'll notice great improvements in your personal well-being in a short period of time.