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This week will bring you some disappointment in your love life, not because others do anything to bother you, but because you’re emotionally unstable. You’ll tend to stay away from your loved ones, which may cause conflicts in the middle of the week.

You’re trapped in your daydreams and nostalgia for better times and that prevents you from seeing what you have in front of you. Stop imagining perfect relationships and accept that what you receive is what you give to others.

Those who are single will have the opportunity to meet different people and start a romantic relationship. However, because you’re not ready to commit, this story has its days numbered.


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Regarding your finances, luck will be on your side during the first days of the week. Towards the end of the week, on the other hand, you shouldn’t go overboard with expenses and establish a savings plan for the immediate future.

Your achievements and efforts will be acknowledged at work, and that will bring more income to your life this week. You’ll travel for business reasons, and this will be a turning point in your career Aquarius.

This week won’t bring great changes, but it’ll be a period during which you’ll think of the ideas and projects you’ll carry out in the future. Use your time well, and rescue the energy that you don’t need to invest in your finances for other areas of your life.


You start the week with some breathing problems, which will be solved towards the weekend when your body recovers and you feel stronger. Some natives of your sign will have some surgery done and everything will turn out great.

On an emotional level, your tendency to melancholy during the first days of the week will change and you’ll feel emotionally stable, realising that the only person responsible for your discomfort is yourself.

Make an appointment for body therapy, be it a massage, acupuncture or going to a Spa. It’ll do you well both physically and emotionally. Add some vitamin supplements to your diet, and you’ll see how you’ll soon feel completely fit again.