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You have an unexpectedly hot Monday ahead of you... and not because the temperatures have gone up weather-wise! Love and sex will make your day burning hot, and no matter how busy your day is, you should definitely know.

Throughout the week, your relationship will be as warm and cozy as usual, but fortunately for you and your long-term goals, passion will be more moderate. You love enjoying that primitive energy, but deep down you want some stability and mental calmness.

Your day to be more careful with mistakes is Friday, especially if you're single Aquarians. The person you like could go with someone else if you keep your feelings hidden away!


Throughout this week, your Aquarian intuition will reveal you some information that might be true, but in other cases, it could be imaginary fears.

No one's trying to sabotage your work, although it is true that right now there's some positions in your company for which you'd be perfect, but they don't want this information to reach you. You'll have to casually offer yourselves for the job!

Assess your accounts closely, because there might be a number or two going wrong. Your expenses could mess up with your wallet, so you should make sure you've got enough money to back you up.

If you're out of work, your friends will help you find a job that's suitable for your abilities. The universe encourages you to improve by setting little tests along the way, so don't give up and overcome challenges step by step.


Self-esteem problems have a special skill: sabotaging all your attempts and risky bets.

An appearance that doesn't make you feel ashamed will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest, instead of always trying to find an excuse not to wear your swimsuit, Aquarians.

There's no better sign of health than enjoying something as basic as good sex. It's a heart-pumping activity that should definitely not be despised... And quite a fun one at that! However, always be cautious and take all cautionary contraceptive measures.

When Saturday comes you'll need some fresh air and to get out from bed from time to time; there's a whole new world out there to see. Find balance, Aquarians.