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The week is full of changes when it comes to love, but don’t be scared, they’re changes for the better. You need to review your relationships and your feelings, along with certain emotional instability, will make you make important decisions regarding love.

If you’re in a solid relationship, your new way of communicating your feelings and seeing things will strengthen the bond even more. But if you’ve been in a relationship that no longer works for quite some time now, it’s quite likely that it comes to an end. Don’t postpone the inevitable.

For those who don’t have a partner, now that you know what you want, you’ll look for mature people emotionally, because your goal is to be with someone who adds positive things to your life, not someone who takes things away.


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The prediction for this last week of April is good when it comes to finances for Aquarius. Your good work in managing your income will make money flow in a balanced way. Expenses and income will complement each other without generating concerns.

When it comes to your career, although right now it’s quite stable and people appreciate what you do, you’re considering the search for your true vocation, if you haven’t found it yet. Starting from where you are, discover what makes you feel fulfilled and go for it.

Step by step, build the road to your career and financial goals with determination. Fortune is on your side, you just have to get going.


Although throughout the week and especially towards the weekend, you’ll enjoy excellent health and you’ll feel full of energy, you shouldn’t give in and do anything excessively. Your health is your responsibility, so, don’t skip your good habits.

You’ll have a tendency to neglect what you eat, either due to time changes or reluctance to cook for yourself. Don’t eat at bars and restaurants too often or more than usual. If you eat too much at some point, balance quickly to avoid falling into a bad habit.

In general, you’ll be in a good mood and you’ll want to do many things, you just have to watch out not to cross your own limits and give yourself the rest your body asks for.