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A changeable week begins in the love life of Aquarius. Changes will be part of your romantic relationship at the beginning of the week. It’s important that you accept these changes if you want to evolve together with the person you love. “Embrace changes” should be the slogan for this week in July.

On the other hand, you’ll start having doubts at the end of the week. You should use your self-control and appeal to your most pragmatic side to get out of this situation. You should keep things fresh in your relationship using your sense of humour.

Singles should take the initiative if they want to see substantial changes in their lives. On the other hand, they must be careful with their spontaneity, because it can become an obstacle if they don’t know how to manage it well. They’ll also have to do what they say they’re going to do.


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Regarding their finances, Aquarius are people who don’t pay too much attention to money, because they see it only as an end to achieve other means. It’s also true that when they need it they know how to obtain it.

Professionally, it’ll be a very positive week, as it’s very likely that they’ll receive a salary increase or a promotion that implies a better position within the company. It’s a good time for business.

Unique opportunities will arise throughout the week to achieve their career and professional goals, especially if they have their own business. They have to use their talents to achieve success. Luck is on their side.


This week, you’ll enjoy good health, you’ll feel energized and you’ll do many activities. Your schedules will be almost frantic, so you shouldn’t neglect the moments of rest and relaxation if you don’t want to burn out.

There may be a circulation problem associated with heat and lack of adequate hydration. This is something that’s part of your weaknesses and it happens to all the natives of your sign.

You’ll have revealing experiences regarding your emotions that will lead you to consider important changes in your personal life. You’ll especially have to work on your connection others, trying to establish more authentic exchanges and escape superficiality.