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Aquarius Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

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Watch out for Neptune, because there's some heart confusion coming. Your sensitivity will increase but at the same time, you'll suffer for every single experience you live.

This December 24th will be the star of the week, the day to brand your feelings with fire. You'll feel sort of disappointed. Those that you live and work so hard for might not give back enough.

But you know what? Their loss. Your love isn't selfish, it's mature. It's not about getting everything you want, as if you were a kid. You're at a generous stage where helping out and giving in is what fulfills you.

However, try to find people in sync with you, or broken expectations will be too hard to handle.


There can't be a better week for you, and it falls right on Christmas Eve. You'll find out that you're finally getting a permanent contract at work, Aquarians. Whether you enjoy that job or not, you'll be thankful for getting a chance at having some financial stability.

The only problem is, now you'll be demanded to do so much more, and you won't be able to enjoy as much time off as you did before. In fact, this Tuesday it'll be hard for you to enjoy your day off. You'll inevitably have to think about work.

On the other hand, you should await for all sorts of criticism and foul comments. In the end, it's about people getting jealous because you got a permanent contract and they didn't. Let them sink into their toxic spiral, Aquarians, and don't let their bitterness get to you.


It couldn't be any other way. Your eccentricities and willingness to have fun will make you experience a foul digestion. You put food too fast into your body, and it becomes overwhelmed. No wonder!

In order to go through the Christmas Eve dinner in the best way possible with as little consequences as you can, pay attention to your hands when talking. If you're trying things out, let it be to savour every flavour, and not to chug food down, Aquarians.

Fortunately, there won't be any other incidents aside from those that are food-related. Your health is steady, so control your eating and nothing will be able to ruin your Christmas.

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