Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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It’ll be a very good week in everything regarding the love life of the natives of Aquarius. The stars have positioned themselves so that love shines in your life. You’ll realise that the more you give, the more you receive and that will be your slogan throughout this week.

You’ll experience very emotional moments towards the end of the week with your partner, and family relationships will be fluid and harmonious. You can participate in common projects that further strengthen your family bond.

Singles will use their imagination to win that special person over, however, it isn’t the time to start any serious relationship. This week will be uninteresting in the love life of the natives of Aquarius who don’t have a partner.


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You’ll experience a very positive week in financial matters. Your finances can grow exponentially if you are able to surround yourself with experts that help you invest wisely. Don’t hurry and study every movement well.

You’ll be very active professionally, making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. There will be no important worries at work, all projects will come to fruition.

In general, it’ll be a very favourable week for money and work, especially for those who work on their own. You could receive extra money that will help you increase your business.


This week your main concern will be your physique, but you’ll also prioritise food, because you know that, in order to look good, you need a healthy body. Health will be your priority these last days of the month, so you’ll check what you eat and exercise more.

You’ll go through some other ups and downs regarding your emotions, so we could say that it will be a changing week. You’ll go through different moods, but all will pass, so there will be no important changes to highlight.

You’ll be more focused than before on caring for your inner world, especially in everything that has to do with the workings of your mind. You’re curious to know what your thoughts are capable of doing and how this affects your day to day.