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This Monday you should take drastic measures, Aquarians. Otherwise, your partner will be gone before you know it. This is a situation that can't go on any longer... Coldness on both sides is worse than a snowstorm!

You're very well aware of the fact that you love that person, but you haven't made too many progress in the art of expressing feelings openly. It's time to pull out your inner Aquarians and jump into creative flirting.

Shake off those intense and hard-to-bear energies by suggesting going out to an event. Maybe the only thing you need is to remember how much you love each other and how well you get along outside the house. No one likes to talk about who takes the trash out all the time.

Also, it's a perfect week to share with common friends. This will act as a relationship catalyst.


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Your week starts off on a bit of an indecisive scope. Hard-to-handle emotions feel overwhelming, and they stop you from making decisions clearly. Besides, you'll find some paperwork you need to look through, but won't feel much in the mood of doing that.

On the other hand, you'll get the 'nice surprise' that a workmate is starting to give you some unwanted attention, and you're starting to think they feel something special about you. What's the problem then? That your heart is far from it and you don't want to hurt them...

But putting work romance drama aside, your most important days this week are Wednesday and Friday. You'll hear about some information that you can use to earn a good deal of money.


Keep a regular schedule to make the incoming anxiety from Monday's routine take a sharp drop. Wake up a little earlier to tidy your room, have a nice calm breakfast...

This week, you'll become more aware that there's processes in your body that you don't really know about. Finding out more about new healthy habits will be fully satisfying for you.

As far as everything else is concerned, you're in for good health and excellent vitality. The planets will stay on a good light and protect you.