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A tumultuous week lies ahead of you regarding love. These days the planets that affect you are poorly aspected. Tensions will appear without you expecting it, so pay special attention to your impulses and reactions.

If you stop looking outside for what only you can give yourself, you’ll find a healthier relationship. Although we haven’t been taught to take care of ourselves properly, remember that looking after yourself isn’t selfishness but self-love Aquarius.

If you manage to order your mind and your feelings, from there you can relate more adequately with others. It’s time to take the initiative and propose recreational activities. This way you’ll compensate your tendency to this week’s conflict.


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You’ll learn a lot if you put yourself in the place of other people, not only to understand their motives but also to assimilate different techniques and knowledge. Observing and taking what is useful to you from those around you will give you new tools and personal skills.

You can solve difficult work situations with you whit, it’ll be rewarded immediately. Although your value doesn’t depend on the approval of others, when it comes to work it’s also important to stand out for your good work and your merits.

Without giving up your own way of doing things, you can incorporate new models that’ll be of great help. When you flow with life, finances also flow to you.


You already know that emotions directly influence your physical health, we all somatise in one way or another. In your case, your sensitive nature makes pains appear sooner rather than later as a result of your tantrums.

Remember that the only way to have control over your body is to take care of it properly. No matter how much sport you do, if you’re in an altered emotional state, it’ll show in your health in spite of what you’d like.

Try to satisfy all your basic needs and from there, look for new goals. If you go step by step, you’ll soon achieve the well-being that you long for.