Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The prediction for love this week brings complications, accumulation of tension and frustration. All of that is a cocktail that if you aren't be able to handle well enough, it could distance you from those you love, Aquarius.

By midweek, however, your most active and spontaneous side will come out to bring some clarity to all that unease you're experiencing. Your partner will appreciate that change because things were getting very difficult for both of you.

Single natives will also be affected by these negative influences. They should change their approach and be more tolerant. If you don't make these changes, love won't materialise in your life Aquarius.


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Regarding your finances, luck will be on your side. This aspect of your life is going perfectly. Planetary influences bring you good fortune. New resources will come and you'll be able to invest in things you need for your family's well-being.

You'll probably be approved for a personal loan so you'll have the financial help you need to carry out a project related to your career. This will turn your life around.

As for work, things will go better than you expected this week. You can work freely and make allies in the office. The confrontations you've experienced for the last few weeks will no longer set the mood.


The prediction for your health this last week of November is favourable. You're learning to take care of yourself, which implies greater discipline when practising some type of physical activity. You don't just worry about your appearance, but also your overall health.

On the other hand, this week you should control that tendency of yours to explode at any time. Find a way to balance your emotions, starting by improving your knowledge of yourself.

Finally, Magic Horoscope recommends you to be very patient this week so that the emotional chaos in which you're immersed can dissipate.