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This week the stars predict important love challenges for Aquarius. Communication will be the key during the first days of this last week of August. However, towards the middle of the week, you’ll notice that you’ll have to definitely surrender to the evidence.

Your excessive struggle for freedom has given way to a confusion that you have to clarify if you don’t want to end up breaking up with your loved one. Your loved ones are on your side, you just have to clear your heart Aquarius.

Single natives will have a good time participating in social events and meeting potential candidates to give their hearts to. To get the love they are looking for, they have to take the first steps, that’s the way things are for the natives of this sign.

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This is a very favourable week for everything that has to do with money. Aquarius will be guided and protected by the stars so that abundance accompanies them during each day of this week. There will be a lot of money movement.

As for your career, the prediction of the stars is that you’ll be able to access job opportunities and recognition this week. You’ll gain in reputation for yourself and for your company.

Those who work on their own will have a unique opportunity to meet an influential person who’ll help them achieve great success. You have to be very attentive Aquarius if you don't want to miss this golden opportunity.


The health of the natives of this sign will not undergo major changes this week compared to previous days. It will be good in general. You’ll only feel some fatigue, which will increase towards the end of the week, and you’ll have to monitor where it comes from to solve it.

You could use a check-up to fix your diet, as well as tidy the space in which you live. Your internal chaos of ideas is sometimes clearly reflected in your home.

This is a quiet week in general for the mood of those born under the sign of Aquarius, except for some moments of irritability that they’ll overcome with some rest and disconnection from the daily routine.