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Do you think Mondays are boring? No way... There couldn't be a better start to your week. You might have wanted more for the last weekend, but you'll feel something special inside you, and you'll feel the urgent need to show your partner how much you truly love them.

The first days of the week are perfect to heal your relationships with some of your relatives. Oftentimes you don't think before you talk and then, you break the hearts of people with your unsolicited honesty.

However, you won't be too lucky when communicating with friends, and you're running the risk of seeing someone you truly care about leave your life for good. Sometimes, that's just the way things should happen...




Work won't be as present in your life this week. Not because you don't have to go to work, but because you've chosen to give priority to other more important things, such as sharing magic moments with your loved ones.

On Tuesday, you'll set firm boundaries and instill the philosophy of slow work, to then find out that you improve your productivity the most through that. Without running here and there all the time, you manage to focus and finish earlier.

Throughout the week, there'll also be time to create new projects that bring you an alternative source of income. It's okay if it isn't too big, you just feel good by doing it. It's very important!

There's no finances that can bear your current money-wasting pace. At the end of this month and almost on the verge of the new one coming in, wouldn't it be nice if you saved up the little extra money you've got?


The organ in your body which needs the most attention this week is your liver. You should avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water, Aquarians.

Negative thoughts could appear for no reason throughout the week, and the problem is that this keeps you stuck in place and isn't letting you progress towards your goals.

Training your memory is essential, mostly because you tend to lose it greatly when you reach a certain age. But with some brain training, you'll keep up the mental agility of a youngster for a long, long time!