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You’ll start this week on the right foot regarding your love life, however, arguments that bring confusion to your heart may arise. You’ll have to think hard about how to solve things if you want to maintain good harmony with your partner. Silly arguments aren’t so important as long as they don’t become a habit.

On the other hand, you’ll be very demanding of attention, which could cause you frustration. It would be good to reflect on this to discover if it’s the product of a real situation or momentary insecurity on your part.

Singles will have a week full of ups and downs in their love lives. Although they’ll be surrounded by new friends and will attend many social events, it’s not the right time to fall in love. It’s best to wait for a more favourable period.

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Regarding your finances, the stars predict a somewhat hard week Aquarius, since you’ll be surprised with an unforeseen expense. However, they can fulfill their obligations quickly and without significant financial losses.

Professionally, the arrival of new partners or colleagues will be an opportunity to improve your work environment. It would be good if you took advantage of this situation to establish beneficial alliances.

If you work on your own, you will have a great opportunity to increase your income. Study the commercial agreements that you have to sign well to obtain the maximum benefits from these transactions. You have your personal ability to convince others on your side.


Your health will be pretty good in general terms. In fact, if you suffer from a chronic illness you’ll notice a lot of improvement or you’ll completely recover from the unforeseen ailments that may arise.

You’ll feel good emotionally because you’ll be calm and in a good mood. Keep working on your personal development and practice more empathy with those around you. Use your most positive side to face the challenges that life offers you.

Don’t neglect your physical appearance and seriously consider doing sports regularly. Food will be another key point this week, because you may tend to neglect it, which in a short period of time will take its toll if you don’t know how to impose some discipline in this regard.