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Aquarius Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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You'll leave your hard armour behind, Aquarians. This week, the last of 2018, you'll bring out all the love you have inside, and you'll make anyone and everyone around you feel splendid and delighted to have you keeping them company.

The retrospective of this departing year is inevitable, and rather than staring into the future, 31 December is a day to look behind. Yes, Aquarians, you've made great progress, but the best is yet to come.

There's great chances to come into your world as far as love is concerned. Unexpected proposals and new adventures filled to the brim with intensity and romance are waiting for you. Let yourselves go.


There's still plenty you can do, and this perspective is equally encouraging and despairing. Aquarians, since you live for the future, you can't stop wondering and asking yourselves when everything will be ready and done, when can you reach your goals and dreams... and of course, you get lost and drowned in impatience.

You divide yourselves in several thoughts across the week, so it's no wonder that you can't focus on what you've got going on in front of you, and get called out for it. You'll be told off by the managers and you won't like that a bit. But what were you expecting? Focus, Aquarians.

Fortunately, this mental fog will fade away as soon as this first week is gone. To face it in the best way possible, avoid thinking of the future too much, or at least, don't do it while working.


There's good health coming for you, Aquarians, although you'll be having a slight headache because of an excess in your stimulating drinks' intake, such as coffee. You want to give up and try to find the easiest solution, but it could also be the most harmful to your body.

In order to keep your mind awake without having to resort to medications, you could try solving a short-span puzzle when you need to face tasks where you need to think, or try out other mental activity pastimes as well.

You'll see that this habit will increase your ability to pay attention to stimuli around you at increasingly longer spans. This will wake you up enough to start working without drinking cup after cup of coffee.

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