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Intensity and cold are finding a home in your heart in these first weeks of February as if you were ill... You aren't normally like that, but the stars are acting up to break your affection.

The good thing about this lack of balance is that it allows you to know yourselves and teaches you to trust your first impressions. Oftentimes, society tries to overanalyse everything and that's when mistakes occur. First impressions are there for a reason, and even more so if they're yours!

Emotionally, there'll be trouble because that's the problem about dangling feelings. But don't let that make you lose hope! Get back some of your balance by embracing these frequent changes in feeling.

You can always find shelter in your family, as will happen on February 7. When all else fails, you'll understand that your family can heal your heart's wounds with their comforting presence.


On Monday, you're starting off the week big, getting up to date at work, by doing everything you had put off, and you'll easily find the focus these activities require.

Be careful, because starting off with this much passion could leave you out of energy for the remainder of the week. On Tuesday you'll feel notably exhausted and won't be able to keep up the pace. Use discipline as your ally to at least do the minimum.

Your luckiest day will be Friday, and you'll feel creativity seeping through your pores. You could even find money in the street! Keep your eyes open because this last bit could be literal but also figurative...


Starting off your week by walking is something which, if practiced daily, will be part of your routine, and there won't be a single day when you don't want to go for a walk! If you do that amidst nature, it doesn't only improve your health, but also your creativity.

Sports will keep you away from harmful behaviours. Your body will want to feel okay and it won't allow you to mistreat it as the week progresses. Have your loved ones around to receive their support, you should allow them to help.

Thursday will be the best day for special medical check-ups, there won't be many people on the waiting list.