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This week starts off with a reflective attitude. You'll wonder whether you're expressing your emotions in the best way possible. There's things that hurt you for sure, but you feel like everytime you discuss them, you just make the spiral of suffering bigger, longer and deeper.

The Magic Horoscope would like to remind you that you're entitled to let others know how you feel. This will make you experience great relief and will also create bridges between you and your loved ones. Otherwise, your heart could grow ill...

You'll be perfectly capable of putting this theory into practice, and you'll embrace other people's inner states. You're able to be happy alone or with a partner.

The most fun day will be the 9th. You'll be able to enjoy part of the pleasures of flirting, just because. Not everything needs to be intense!


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Monday will be your lucky day because you'll see yourselves finding those much-needed answers, and events will unfold closely related to your needs, both financial and professional. It could be said that you're in sync with the flow of seas of abundance.

Tuesday will be a remarkable day for you to stand out above the crowd at work, and you'll be able to continue pursuing chances.

Halfway through the week you'll be ambushed by a sense of uncertainty, but it's understandable, because you never truly know whether you've taken the right path or not. This path is just as good as any other, as long as you believe in it almost blindly. That's the secret to life.

This is definitely the week when you need to ask for a lot from life, and to do great things, but your mind needs to stay focused.


Drawbacks and minor obstacles in health are nothing compared to the pain of a real illness. You can fix your situation by creating a sense of balance between what you eat and how much you work out. It's the best way to cleanse your body from the weekend's excess...

By the time Tuesday kicks in, you'll set the goal of doing everything you can to improve your body's conditions. You're at a time in your life when you feel like taking good care of yourselves. Besides, you've got some wise advice to share with others as far as health is concerned.

Relapse will be unavoidable, but your job this week is to learn to stay calm despite feeling yourselves going up and down.