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The natives of Aquarius will have a rather active week in relation to their love lives. On the one hand, they’ll feel driven to engage in relationships with people they don’t feel at all comfortable with. On the other hand, they’ll experience new things that will motivate them and they’ll feel very alive.

Those who have a partner have to be careful with moods, then see they have many ups and downs and complicated situations regarding their feelings. Instead of blaming the person you love, it would be wise to rethink what’s happening to you.

Singles instead, will be very likely to find love in almost any unexpected place by the end of the week. If they reflect on the obstacles they put in front of themselves to find a partner, they’ll make things a lot easier for destiny.


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Financially, you’ll have to be patient in relation to finances and everything that has to do with receiving money. It’s possible that there are more expenses than usual towards the end of the week, so you should be vigilant.

Professionally, it’s convenient that you remain with your feet on the ground to be able to make important decisions regarding your career. You shouldn’t get carried away by impulses and you should meditate things well before acting.

In general, it’ll be a week without too many changes both financially and at work, so you’ll focus more on other personal aspects such as love and health.


This week you’ll enjoy good health in general, all you have to keep in mind is that your mental state can change your body. You may suffer a large dose of emotional stress that will cause health problems if you don’t stop on time.

On the other hand, you’ll have enough energy to do sports activities throughout the week. Don’t let laziness prevent you from achieving your goals, both physically and in terms of food.

Emotionally, you should look for moments to stop to reflect during the week. Your mind also needs a break from time to time to be able to relieve the tensions caused by excessive thinking.