Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 May

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This week brings you great emotional opening, so you’ll enjoy good romantic moments. The possibilities of romantic encounters and fun as a couple will multiply. It’s the perfect time to plan a getaway with the person you love Aquarius.

Your relationships will be marked by harmony and dialogue, so no conflicts will arise. Your good disposition for matters of the heart will make everything go smoothly. You have a great week ahead of you to enjoy love in all its aspects.

Singles are especially predisposed to opening their hearts and finding the partner they’re looking for. Don’t doubt your ability to seduce and dare to ask that special person out on a date. Everything will happen the way you want it to.


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In terms of money, this week brings very good omens because, although there are no spectacular changes, you’ll notice how your finances become stable and improve. You’ll receive news regarding your finances that’ll increase your income.

Regarding your career, it’s a good time to increase your knowledge by learning a language or other skills related to your profession. Don’t waste a second and work on improving your prospects.

Soon you’ll see how you’ll get interesting business propositions or even career changes that’ll be more in line with your expectations. It’s a good time for material and financial abundance in general.


You’ll be in good health throughout the week, only some small discomforts will divert your attention, but they won’t mean worries of any kind. Your attitude has changed, so now you know how to face life in a more positive and practical way. This has a favourable effect on your health.

You have learnt to take charge of your life, so your ability to identify what you want and what you don’t is bringing you a lot of inner peace. This peace brings a better mood that has a positive effect on your health.

Remember to connect with silence every so often so as not to be swept away by the maelstrom of daily activities. This will fill you with energy and recharge your batteries to go for more.