Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The weekly prediction of Aquarius for love predicts a week full of positive experiences and great lessons. On the one hand, those who are in a relationship can enjoy great romantic moments if they’re able to show their most affectionate side.

You’ll receive your reward towards the end of the week because your partner will be very attentive and accommodating. Your love and sex life will be renewed, as long as show your feelings Aquarius.

For their part, Aquarius singles are very likely to meet someone they can relate to, with whom to establish a romantic relationship. You’ll have to be able to choose properly and also be more open emotionally if you want to attract the person you want.

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If you can control your expenses and income better and with the advice of someone with experience in financial matters, your finances this week will be quite good. Despite the expenses you have mid-week, you won’t suffer great losses.

On the other hand, the slogan for this week regarding your career will be to be more collaborative. The way you do things will be put to the test and you’ll be asked a million questions, so don’t get carried away by anger.

Magic Horoscope advises you to be cautious this week, both at work and regarding your finances. It isn’t the time to put what you have at risk or to create confrontations with your colleagues or immediate superiors.


Regarding your health, the prediction of the horoscope for this week warns you of some problems in your digestive system. On the other hand, it could be a good time to overcome unhealthy habits and leave certain addictions behind, such as tobacco.

This concern for your health will also be applicable to your emotional well-being Aquarius. Although you’ll feel well for most of the week, it’s likely that the physical discomforts that you suffer intermittently greatly affect your mood.

Finally, Aquarius, you should take part in artistic activities. This way, you would be able to relax and also meet interesting people who bring a breath of fresh air into your life.