Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Romantic relationships will be a little complicated for Aquarius this week. You’ll experience some tension caused by your partner’s stress, so use all your inner strength to avoid falling for provocations.

Singles will be exposed to very intense relationships, so they should watch that so much intensity doesn’t run out, otherwise, they may be entangled in unpleasant situations. Be prudent and live the moment, but without projecting too much or letting yourself get carried away by false promises.

Towards the end of the week, however, the waters will return to their course if you know how to stay calm and project the best of you. Focus on being grateful for everything you have and for the present, this way you’ll prevent negativity from taking over your relationship.


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It’s a very active week when it comes to finances, you’ll get proposals for new projects and opportunities to make money will appear. Study the possibilities well and reject everything you don’t trust.

Use all your ingenuity to shine in your workplace, your colleagues and superiors will value the confidence you show positively. Be responsible when it comes to your commitments and obligations and listen to your intuition.

To increase your wealth, it’s important to know that money has to move around. Spend what you need to on useful things and avoid splurging, if you’re patient you’ll soon see how your income increases unexpectedly.


Your body actively responds to your emotional state, so prioritise looking after your inner self. Find calm moments, where you can connect with the energy that floods every cell of your body and learn to celebrate the life that exists within you.

Getting rid of the mental noise that’s causing you to stress this week should be your absolute priority. Don’t pay attention to negative thoughts about certain symptoms, simply accept them and take the necessary action to solve them.

Be careful about wasting energy on things that aren’t worthwhile, positive distractions fill you up, but excessive distraction separates you from being in contact with your inner self. Don’t let events dominate your life.