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This second week of July brings you important news inyour love life. In fact, your life may take a new direction, perhaps not as you expected, but for the better, that’s something you’ll see in the long run. Accept these changes as part of the evolution of your life as a couple.

On the other hand, your intuition will be the key to anticipate events and renew your relationship. You’ll receive an unexpected surprise from the person you love. Love will shine this week for you.

Singles will continue in the same situation since it isn’t a good time to consolidate stable relationships. Instead, you can enjoy the friendships and personal plans that will help you to experience love in the future.


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Regarding your finances, you’ll have to face some financial difficulties, but you’ll be able to face them well. Don’t let a feeling of lack govern your decisions Aquarius.

Towards the middle of the week, your finances will improve, as well as everything related to your professional and working life. Don’t make hasty decisions and rely on the starts’ support to achieve your goals.

Your week in general, with financial ups and downs, will come to an end in a positive way. Everything you do these days to improve your income will pay off in the near future, don’t despair.


This week will be generally good regarding your health, except for some problem with your knees towards the middle of the week. Avoid that laziness that prevents you from moving forward with your recovery by all means and do everything you can to stay active.

At an emotional level, don’t let frustration and impatience govern your life, take the necessary steps to empty your mind of negativity and face the challenges of your day to day in a positive way.

Use alternative therapies to take care of your body and mind, avoid self-medication as much as possible and don’t leave everything you can do this week for your physical and mental well-being for later. If you learn that each obstacle is an opportunity, you will emerge stronger.