Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




This week Aquarius, you'll have a lot of work regarding your romantic relationships. The first days of the week you'll have to take stock of everything you want to change to improve this important aspect of your life.

Aquarius that are in a relationship, will experience moments of great intensity. These circumstances will bring much happiness if they're able to transform their relationship for the better. Everything that is no longer useful has to be discarded.

The weekly prediction for singles of this sign brings with it a message of prudence and analysis. They'll have to clearly define what they expect from a relationship if they're really looking for love in their lives.

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Regarding your finances, Magic Horoscope predicts a very positive week for Aquarius. They may even invest in improving their daily well-being by moving to a new home or in material goods that make their lives easier.

There will be changes at work. The first days of the week will help Aquarius to prepare for good news related to a problem that has to be resolved. The result of a lawsuit will be favourable.

On the other hand, Aquarius who work on their own will be able to increase their profits in everything related to innovation and the closing of commercial agreements with new partners.


The weekly prediction is good regarding the health of the natives of this sign. You'll suffer some minor discomfort towards the middle of the week, but this won't influence your daily routines significantly.

On the other hand, regarding your emotions, the horoscope predicts a week where reflection and seeking answers within yourself will be the key to your growth. You may also receive help from a trusted person.

Finally, the weekly prediction advises the natives of this sign to improve their vital state based on their mental state. Remember Aquarius that your thoughts have a decisive influence on your health. Don't wait any longer and start to understand your mental processes this week.