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The Aquarius prediction for the month of August

Your Aquarius predictions for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: The power of love

Intensity is the keyword this month. You'll start off August by feeling the power of love inside you, whether you have a partner or not. You'll feel in connection to others.

That won't stop you from watching your interests first. You were born that way, you need a life of your own, and you're doing great by trying to become more independent. In fact, you give your best from the love you feel towards life and what you do.

How do you do it to stay approachable and distant at the same time? That duality you've always had inside is incredibly attractive. You're the perfect embodiment of unpredictability!

You'll meet interesting individuals, but you won't be able to avoid having a bit of drama in your life. Not because you're looking for it, but because your close friends will overwhelm you a little bit with their issues. Sometimes you just have to listen. You can't always be the misunderstood ones!

Money: Dreams of creativity and success come true

Creativity and self-confidence will be two features you'll see boosted throughout the whole of August, Aquarians. The vibrations from Leo on this first half of the month will do wonders on you.

Your creative brightness and your desire for working hard are the tools that will lead you on the track to success. Ignore any sudden doubts! Just follow your path without even considering haters who say you won't make it. What did they achieve, anyway?

By the end of the month, if you're preparing for exams, you'll give it your best and everything will turn out well. Control your tendency to overthink about the future and try to enjoy the ride.

Health: You're on the healthy track

Controlling your temper will be your main challenge. Your mind can play tricks on you. Still, you'll stay strong and steady in your habits, and show quite the unusual self-love. Taking care of your health is an excellent tool to soothe the mind.

During this time of the year you feel like getting fit, and doing sport is what you love. Still, no excess is good. Muscle pain will definitely come around, but if you stretch enough, it won't last long.