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Aquarius Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The chaos of this week is not an ideal ingredient in your love life. While others look for support in times of emotional need, you close yourself off even more. Big mistake!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll need to set aside your worries and spend some time with your significant other. The small sacrifice will be necessary for the wellbeing of your relationship.

Imagine what it would be like to be entirely ignored by someone; try to be more empathetic, Aquario. 

Luckily, the tides will change during the weekend and you'll exhibit fiery energy. The single Aquarians will use this power, alongside their intelligence, to become absolutely irresistible. 


Monday 10th will be a tense day as your little tolerance for foolishness will cause you some troubles with your employers. Avoid getting into arguments as much as possible or using strong words. 

On the 12th, the planets' influence will urge you to go back to your old methods of saving up, because you will soon need them. An economic tornado is approaching. 

Truth be told, 13th and 14th December will be bleak days, but on the 15h you'll feel better, and rise from your proverbial ashes. A creative and crafty Aquarius is the best person to manifest large sums of money and you might use some of this amount to help someone over the weekend. 


You might feel a little under the weather at the beginning of the week and it could be caused by improper rest durnig the weekend. It could be a case of the past coming back to haunt you, but luckily everything has a solution. 

Have you ever had labial herpes? As you may know, this is a reoccurring virus so don't be surprised if you'll have it again this week. Stress and changes in temperature affect your immune system which clears the way for the pesky albeit harmless virus. 

Alternative therapies, such as a hot stone massage, will help recirculate your energies. Yoga and meditation are two other activities that if done daily will improve your well-being. Try them and see for yourself!

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