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Friendliness and positivity will be this week's themes. You will feel extremely close to your inner circle, feel like you truly belong, and have that energy reciprocated. 

What will be the most special day this week? Undoubtedly, Friday the 7th. You'll enjoy a tremendous emotional openness, and yourAquarian camaraderie will shine through.  

Aside from getting along splendidly with everyone, the day will prove extremely lucky, and if you're single, you'll enjoy all the attention you'll get from the opposite sex. 

The end of the week will be just as intense regarding positivity: unexpected social events, new plans, and incredible memories that await you. In case you're already in a committed relationship, then your happiness will increase tenfold. 


The week 3-9 December will give you the boost of energy you needed. Together with your newfound ambition, you'll chase that promotion and prove to everyone that you're a force to be reckoned with. 

Toward the end of Thursday, 6th December, you will have a better understanding of your worth, and you'll start tapping into your potential. Just like truffle hogs, you'll discover a small mine of extra income and opportunities in a place you least expected. 

During Sunday 8th, you'll manage to pay off some of your debts which will give you a sense of relief. You hate owing people anything, and once you get those payments out of the way, you'll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. 


Having an appetite is a sign of health, but be careful because Venus' influence will push you into overeating these days. The tantalizing aromas of the food will be too much for you to resist, and you might end up indulging in things that you never liked before. 

Other than these gastronomical temptations, your health will be in optimum condition, perhaps some discomfort in your legs toward the end of the week. All that walking is affecting your most sensitive area, Aquario.