December Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: A lucky month for single natives

You'll start the last month of the year full of hope. There is someone out there that fills your heart with joy and exceeds your expectations. You can ask them for anything, and they will give it to you, they're very good at satisfying you, and it's almost as if they're reading your mind. 

Certain misunderstandings are natural, primarily because of the darker aspects of the Mercury and Mars partnership. Generally speaking; however, you will have a comfortable relationship.  

Pay attention at the end of the month as there might be some things weighing you down. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is causing anxiety, and it might affect your personal life. 

Single Aquarians will have the perfect opportunity to profess their love at the end of this month. You will start the year full of love and powerful emotions together with the one who stole your heart. 

Money: Unexpected earnings 

December will be an excellent month for you to showcase your intellect at work. Irrespective of what your profession is, you should reconsider the way you do things, it might break the cycle of boredom you've been in for a while, Aquarius. 

Regarding your budget, you'll hear from all the people who owe you money, and you might even get your hands on a bonus, if you manage to optimize your work, that is. This is why it's vital that you start restructuring how you do things. 

Spending is inevitable this month, it's the holiday season, after all. However, with a bit of inspiration, you'll know how to make or choose inexpensive but impressive gifts for your loved ones. Aquarians may not be very materialistic, but they do know a lot about personalized details.    

Health: Cut down on the all-nighters 

Generally speaking,  you'll be in excellent health and in case you were recovering from an illness or injury, you will notice an incredible improvement. 

However, considering that you'll have a busy month, you should pace yourself this December. It looks like a month full of excesses so be careful how often you go out. 

You'll have to meet so many people this month, so we recommend that you make the most of the quiet moments you have at home. You'll miss them!

Halfway through the month, you'll have the opportunity to try alternative therapies. You might not be ill, but your well-being can always do with a pick-me-up. You'll love it, Aquarians always like to try new things.