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The Thursday January 18th Aquarius Horoscope

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You reject letting destiny lead your future: you want to be yourself the one who decides. You do not care how complicated it may be meeting this person you kept an eye on or having a closer contact to your couple to make them know you are by their side come what may. 

Foreseeing what is to come is not what you do daily but today stars will help you out making everything likely to happen. The strategy of feigning a casual meeting and finding an excuse to get back to your couple will be your main skill. Others, however, will decide to ask their loves to sit down and have a conversation. 



The deeper you dig, the more possibilities you have to find something you possess. This "something" could be either pleasant or unpleasant, one never knows. You are this kind of person who thinks that life is a box full or surprises and, besides, you have more possibilities to find something good rather than bad things. 

Your personality is optimistic, and it will help you try good luck and bet somewhere you can get a big amount of money. You can bet for numbers 4, 12 and 47, your lucky number for today. 



You started with good luck and a lot of motivation to do some sport but, as the month goes by, you are losing it. You have not done exercise at all for a very long time, and it is what is causing a terrible pain due to stiff and the feeling of not being able to move or go down the stairs. Doing these things is very unpleasant for you. 

In fact, this has been the reason to quit going to the gym for a while. If you are determined, do not force yourself, but bear in mind than no one around you will listen to your complaints. 


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